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Virtual Music Lessons

Arizona: In-Person and Virtual Mix

Music Lessons

An accomplished musician and gifted teacher, Kristin Garson teaches private music lessons for piano and violin Online, and in Arizona a hybrid mix of virtual plus in-person at the Garson Studio of Music

Lessons are available for children and for adults.

A music teacher needs to capitalize on a student’s natural learning strengths.

The student has to immediately use their ear, and listen for when the pitches go up, or down, or repeat.  They have to imitate what I play.  

And it gives the student confidence, that they can play a simple tune by the end of their first few lessons! 

Ready to get started or want to learn more?  

Schedule an initial call to discuss your student’s interests, experience level, learn more about the process and get your questions answered. This initial consultation is required prior to new student enrollment.


Kristin has taught my daughter violin for over 6 years.  She has patiently provided her with a solid foundation of techniques while providing her with fun and interesting music to play and ways to learn theory. Kristin is an accomplished player who loves music and shares that with her students so that they can develop that same passion!!



Before moving to New York State, I was a piano student of Kristin for 5 years. My favorite thing about studying with Miss Kristin was her excellent choice of music for me to learn. It was both fun and challenging. She prepared me very well for the Keyboard Gymnastics tests and recitals, where I always earned a high score. Miss Kristin is a very nice teacher and she took the time to make sure I understand what she was teaching me. I miss her.



I am a parent of one of Kristin Garson’s piano students, as well as a band teacher and a professional musician, and I am so glad that I chose Miss Kristin to be my daughter’s piano teacher. Her lessons are always very carefully taught with a lot of focus on the individual student’s personality and learning pace. Kristin puts her many years of experience as a student and professional musician into each lesson she teachers. Her nurturing style has helped my daughter to develop a true love of music that will stay with her throughout her life. I count Kristin as both a friend and an esteemed colleague.




In addition to private piano and violin instruction, Kristin performs solo violin concerts with piano accompaniment, jazz violin with jazz ensembles, and world music with guitar.

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