I use the Theory Gymnastics theory books by Keyboard Gymnastics in my studio. Kids love them so much that they often ask “Are we going to do theory today?” And then when I say “yes”, sometimes they even jump up & down, or clap their hands with anticipation!

I find this series to be pretty comprehensive, and if the student needs more advanced theory books, then we use more advanced ones. 

It is very important to me, that the students are educated to be well-rounded musicians, not just pianists. 

I love to teach my piano students the Jane Tan method! I also like Faber/Piano Adventures, and combining different genres of repertoire. 

And let’s not forget technique and theory! In my opinion, Jane Tan is by far the most intelligent way to teach and play the piano! No wonder Jane Tan stopped judging competitions. Students don’t use the proper finger/wrist/arm motions, plus they play the same piece ad nauseum and by the time they get to the competition it sounds so canned. It is disheartening to see how the typical piano student plays. They often don’t use their wrists, or arm weight…only their fingers. It takes so much work to play the piano like that…I feel sorry for the students, actually.

And music theory too of course. I love the Theory Gymnastics theory books and there are some good ones for violin too~the Theory Gymnastics books have a lot of brain teasers in them and the kids really enjoy doing theory for a change! No, it doesn’t have to be the “melba toast school of violin/piano lessons”.