Kristin Garson, sole proprietor


Scottsdale, AZ


Welcome to Garson Studio of Music!

Please read these carefully and make sure you fully understand them.

o   Student responsibility:  to prepare for lessons each week; to give their music study the same consideration that they would give their school homework.  There are weeks where this is not possible; however, if the trend continues that the student is not prepared for their weekly lesson, then the student, parents, and teacher will all discuss the best solution.

o   Teacher responsibility: to provide structure, yet flexibility; an environment conducive to learning, and fun! To provide the highest caliber of music learning experience to all who have the desire to learn. And to foster a love of music that will last a lifetime. In addition, sometimes the personalities or expectations of the teacher/student relationship are not compatible. In this case, I would initiate the recommendation of another reputable and qualified teacher (i.e. a music teacher that has a music degree and is experienced).  

o   Each lesson is no less than 45 minutes.

o   There are performance classes in a casual setting (in my home) where the student will perform something he or she has prepared, in front of the other students in the studio and his/her parents.  These are held at least several times per year according to the students’ readiness and progress.

o   Summer lessons are cordially required; a minimum of 4 lessons during the summer, or more if desired! The summer is a great time for learning!

o   If lesson fees are not received by the 15th of the month, there is a $10.00 late fee.

o   Lesson fees are due by the 1st lesson of every month, payable to Kristin Garson.  Fees are $40.00 for 45 mins. or $50.00 for the hour.

o   Invoicing and music that needs to be purchased for the student: You will not be invoiced, unless a reminder is requested by the parent, and/or there are additional music fees that will be included for a particular month. You will be notified of that by text or email.  All of the music will be purchased by me, and then you can reimburse me. 

o   *Important!* A minimum of one week in advance is required to notify me of any vacations.  Otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.  I also will notify all students/parents several weeks in advance of any of my vacation times, or times I need to close the studio for any other reason. There are usually 2-3 times out of the year when I close the studio. I will re-schedule the lesson if necessary (if I close the studio for reasons other than a vacation).

o   *Important!* About cancelations: there are no refunds, or credits for any reason for a canceled lesson, unless the teacher cancels the lesson or it is canceled because of the weather, or any emergency.  If a lesson is canceled by a student, it must be made up in a reasonable amount of time, such as within that month or by the following month. 

o   Please check this circle to let me know that you have read and agree to these policies. 

Thank you.